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[sticky post] My Favorite Fanfictions / Recommended Fics

Sep. 30th, 2011 | 06:06 pm
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~*~My All Time Favorite Fan Fictions Archive~*~

My YunJae fic rec list:

I upload this entry always when I find a fic that is worth of adding here.
I am very much only Yunho x Jaejoong -biased, so this list includes mostly Yunjae, although a few SHINee fics has found their way there, too ;) Enjoy!!

After The Loving by Mii Sun
- Romance  - M-Preg - chaptered(COMPLETED) - Yunjae -
;;;;Jung Yunho was a man who always got what he wanted. Six months ago he had wanted Jaejoong and they had become lovers. But Yunho made it quite clear that he wasn't looking for commitment of any kind and when Jaejoong discovered that he was expecting Yunho's baby he thought that it would mean an end to the affair. yet Yunho insisted on marrying him. Was it just for the sake of their unborn child? Or was it possible that he could grow to love Jaejoong as much as he loved Yunho?

I Bloody Hate You by EHHLLIIE
- Romance  - chaptered(COMPLETED) - Yunjae - Yoosu -
;;;;Yunho is Jaejoong's teacher. They hate each other. The End. Nah just joking, when unexpected things happen, of course there will be unexpected outcomes. But neither of them ever imagined this happening. neither of them expected the other nor themselves to fall so hard. Too hard.

Would Love By Any Other Name As Painful? by Vanily_Above
- Angst  - chaptered(COMPLETED) - YUNJAE - JJ/SIWON -
;;;;A story where you will not be bouncing up and down with happiness, and neither do the characters. Where you won’t get those lovey dovey story line. This story is about the reality and all its bullshit. About Kim Jaejoong who is ‘a slut’ of Jung Yunho, who’s married to one of the most beautiful women on earth. About Siwon who loves Jaejoong, and Jaejoong who’s blinded by love. But it all comes back to one thing. Jung Yunho doesn’t give a shit about any of them. All he cares about is how to fuck Jaejoong the next time he visits his place. Yeah… in short it’s about love…. and how much it fucking hurts.

B.L.O.O.D. written by RIIKO, translated by b3utifulreverie
- Romance - drama  - chaptered(on-going) - disturbing scenes - Yunjae
;;;;Kim Jaejoong, a vagabond, found himself inadvertently in the hands of Jung Yunho - a slave trader. Two people trapped in a cursed love - could they find a way to be together? Enter their world of blood and inescapable lust.

Transparent by Sutefaniidesu
- Angst - Drama - chaptered(COMPLETED) - anorexia/bulimia - Yunjae -
;;;;Kim Jaejoong is a bulimic heading straight for anorexia. Needing to meet the high standards of perfection that are shoved in his face, he deprives himself of proper nourishing and resorts to purging to attain the perfect figure. Everything is done in such secret terms that although the members suspect that something is wrong, they can't quite pinpoint the problem itself. But Yunho is determined to get to the bottom of this. For Jaejoong's sake... but for himself, too.

RAISON D’ÊTRE by meer_sshi
- Angst - Incest - chaptered(COMPLETED) - Character death - Yunjae -
;;;;no summary available by the author

Turpentine and Patches by nana_manata
- Angst - chaptered(on-going) - Yunjae - JaeMin -
;;;;A pair of lovers, not star-crossed but perfectly aligned. This is the story of young love as it runs away with itself, stumbling on the rough road of reality.

Low-life, High-strung by wynnetimat
- Smut - Drama - Mention of incest - chaptered(COMPLETED) - Jaejoong/every1 -
;;;;Jaejoong, a successful Internet porn star, returns to his estranged family after the death of his mother leaves some loose ends.

Slush Puppy by wynnetinate
- Drama - two-shot - Yunjae -
;;;;Yunho can't say no to his wife's little brother.

The Euchre by wynnetinate
- Drama - chaptered( on hiatus) - Yunjae -
;;;;Even after five years and five thousand miles, Yunho still can't say no to his wife's little brother. (An indirect sequel to Slush Puppy.)

It's Always The Quiet Ones by Nikki1092
- Angst - chaptered(COMPLETED) - rape - 2min(A SHINee fiction) -
;;;;Taemin’s always been the perfect student; straight A’s, on time every day—unless he was sick, of course—and a nice group of friends. He never knew that one person could completely turn his life upside down. Until that one person did.

Echo of Dusk by wild_terrain
- Angst - historical - chaptered(COMPLETED) - rape - Yunjae -
;;;;Two men met one cold, winters day. One, a cook's assistant, the other a young lawyer. The year was 1950, when this instant  attraction occurred... However, the threat of civil war loomed and the two found themselves faced with the risk of separation. Yunho swore he'd protect Jaejoong at all cost...but sometimes things don't always go the way we want them to.

Echo of Dawnby wild_terrain
- Romance - drama - historical - chaptered(COMPLETED) - Yunjae -
;;; Sequel to Echo of Dusk

Forbidden by vampiremadonna
- Romance - historical - chaptered(COMPLETED) - Yunjae
;;;Jae is concerned about the attention his sister is receiving from a dangerous man but he isn't in any position to take care of it himself so he turns to the King. However the King, Jung Yunho, presents unforeseen complications...
Hello by Holystardown
- Psychological, - romance - angst - drama - chaptered(IN PROGRESS) - YunJae -
;;; Love knows no boundaries; it reaches the good, the broken, the hopeless, and even the insane

Serendity by tvfxq
- Humor - Romance - two-shot(COMPLETED) - YunJae -
;;;Jung Yun Ho, the homophobe of the century, serendipitously met the woman of his dreams after fleeing the dreaded gay bar his best friend had dragged him to. Little did he know that the woman who had him completely smitten turned out not to be a woman after all.

Second Changes by vampiremadonna
- chaptered(COMPLETED) - YunJae -
;;;After Changmin's death, how are JaeJoong and Yunho going to cope with their grief and their increasing attraction to each other?

Damaged by aquariuslover
- angst - friendship - chaptered(COMPLETED) - YunJae -
;;;On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness. Two summers later a fan’s anger and the ultimate act of self-sacrifice would redefine everything they knew about love, pride, selfishness, and forgiveness.

Okane Ga Nai by na-tammie
- Romance - Smut - Drama - chaptered(COMPLETED) - YunJae -
;;;Kim Jaejoong, a pure innocent 16 year old angel, was sold into the mafia business by his indebt cousin, falling right into the arms of one particular Jung Yunho, the mafia of the money business in the whole Shibuya and Shinjuku district. Yunho being a little more than smitten would do anything to keep the boy from getting away, making a deal with him to pay 500,000 yen for every time they had sex until Jaejoong could pay him back the 200 million yen Yunho had bought him with. Will Jaejoong ever be able to repay him his debt and earn his freedom? Or will he even want his freedom back when he realizes he was a little bit more than in love?

Nado Saranghae by hurleysunn
- YunJae - chaptered(IN PROGRESS) -
;;; Jaejoong is a sex slave that has been bought & sold around as 'property' for the past years of his life...
Used and broken, he enters yet another 'auction' where old greasy businessmen bid against each other for his flesh. All they want. His body. No one cares he has feelings. No one cares that he hurts. No one cares that he's lonely and frightened. He's used to it.
Strangely... he's grown comfortable with it.
So, what will happen when someone does care?
Yunho is a successful business man, who inherited his parents fortune when they passed suddenly. Unselfish and kind, he buys the unfortunate souls that are meant to be 'slaves', taking them in, letting them into his mansion and allowing them to live comfortable lives. He's respected and praised among his new friends, but still... he always feels lonely without having someone special in his heart.
On another trip to one of the barbaric 'auctions'... he meets that someone.

Penance by borborygmus
- Angst - Drama - chaptered(IN PROGRESS) - YunJae -
;;;Yunho once chose kinship over love, and is now willing to do anything as penance for his betrayal. Jaejoong had once opened his heart to Yunho, but after those eight years in jail, will he be able to trust Yunho again?

Fragile Essence by aquariuslover
- Angst - Friendship - Romance - YunJae - chaptered(IN PROGRESS) -
;;;Jaejoong, the half Korean child nobody wanted, and Yunho, the beloved golden son of a town, form an unlikely bond; one that is forever evolving through the passing years as it is repeatedly tested by love, loss, and fire. This is part one of their story.

Beauty and The Beast by love_cassiopeia
- Romance - YunJae - chaptered(COMPLETED) -
;;;Jung Yunho - a gifted and successful actor. Kim Jaejoong - Yunho's biggest fan. After receiving the task to interview Yunho for his journalism assignment, Jaejoong realizes that his favourite actor just might transform him from a "fan" into something much more.

Love; Far Too Long by broken-ephemera
- YunJae - chaptered(COMPLETED) -
;;;A beautiful young secretary, two rings and a bouquet of daisies. Sometimes love goes on for too long and the ones in love forget what it feels like.

Grace Fallen by orionsroad
- YunJae - chaptered(COMP.) -
;;; Jaejoong tries to figure out just what his position will be now that his master, Yunho, has a new bed slave; while Yunho has his own problems to cope with.

Possessive by Zeey
-YunJae -

++My Favorite Authors:
sekushiai Masterficlist (deleted account)
abcdefghiluvyou Masterficlist
be_ddelusionall Masterficlist

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